Career Path as Wedding Photographer

I went to KL few weeks ago for my old friend’s wedding and took lots of photos about 400 pieces. If you want to see some of the photo, please look for my photo album link and if you like the work I done, don’t hesitate to email me and ask for my services. A little bit promotion on my own blog needed as I want to venture into wedding photographing. Previously, I do video graphing and editing for nearly 2 years and recently I bought a digital SLR camera as I explained on previous post.

Wedding photographing and video graphing are basically the same. The differences are the movement of the moment captured. Photographing takes still picture and video takes moving picture. Both of the medium need some expertise in photo and video editing skills. I got lots of things to learn although involving this field for 2 years. New software comes out every year and I am slow in learning all the function available in it.

Sometimes, I wonder how important the wedding photo or video is. Indeed most of married couple say is the most important of all. Wedding Day is the most important day for a married couple, but strangely most of them don’t want to spent more money on it. They choose to cut most of the cost on it and take the risk and let friends take the wedding day photo to save money. At last, most of the photos captured look bad although most of us now have a high tech digital camera with high mega pixel on it. Still, camera is not the factor of creating a good photo but more on the person who have what it need to capture that special moment.

So, how much we willing to spent on having some professional taking our wedding day photo? Recently, I meet Louis Pang, a well know full time wedding photographer. He quite good and most of his work charge are up to 3000 ringgit. His skills in wedding photographing was recognized by the most well know Wedding Photojournalist Association that only accept real good photographer. No jokes when only 3 Malaysian periods accepted as the member.

At the moment, I’m still struggling on creating my own portfolio on video and photographing. It is not an easy path to walk as many competitors around with better skills and equipments. The only thing that separate most of new breed photographer is the creativity and skills on manipulating light and capturing a special and rare moment. Building a career path in this field is quite challenging and luckily I like it and if not I quit on doing that long time ago.


One thought on “Career Path as Wedding Photographer

  1. i think the 2nd pic would be really nice if only the bride is in colour and the background black and white

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