Photoblog: Tadau Kaamatan – Sabah Harvest Festival

First at all, I’m a chinese and not kadazan. It is hard for me to explain what is in the meaning of Tadau Kaamatan or the Harvest Festival. If you want to know more about that festival, there are lots of information you can find in internet. So, I just want to let you all know that the kadazan people celebrate their Tadau Kaamatan on today and yesterday although most of the kadazan and dusus people are not planting any paddy anymore. Well, today it is just the matter of celebration, tourist attraction and also the identity of the Kadazan and Dusun people.

I managed to plan some time to go to KDCA (Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association) hall to see the celebration and take some photo shots. Primary plan of taking some pretty girl on the annual beautiful competition known as Unduk Nagau was canceled as there are so many people and I’m not manage to enter the hall. So, I have to settle of outside shots of some traditional dress girl and guy the represented their own sub culture.

I have some difficulties on taking a good shot because there are lots of people cramming in a small little bamboo house. Luckily the house built well to withstand the payload. Nevertheless, I managed to take some few shot that I myself considers good among the 385 pieces of photo I took. It means that I have to give more exposure taking photo and get familiar with this very technical DSLR camera.

Even thou the weather are hot on the morning, its raining on evening. It has been like this for past few weeks because of the changing monsoon wind on the middle of the year. Don’t understand? Take back your SPM geography book and start reading. Then its raining even till the time I typing this post.

A cultural event is the ideal time to practicing my photo skills because there are so many things to see and happens. Thinking that a photo journalist covering some important event. He needs to know in advance of what will happen next and plan for a good location to get a good angle shot. I never like journalist photographer because they are so rude and most of them I meet are so rough when taking some shots. Well, I think they just doing their work and mean no harm although there is one time this fellow step on my shoe and go away without apologize.

There will be some more practice for my shooting skill during my friend’s wedding. Again I hope to see some traditional costume on there as my friends are having a kampung wedding.


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