Forum Post: Wedding Album Book Layout.

Due to my post of my album layout, many ask where and how i do the book. It seem that no one give any comment on the design itself. I actually not really want to let others people know on how and where i print my book due to it is the secret of my business. Still, i give them an outlook on my mind about the books and how i get it to run. Hope it will give them an inside of it rather just giving it to them.

for your information, the book size is A4 landscape with 50 pages hard cover with an extra cover for the book in where i put an average 200 edited photos in the layout design. My sell price of the book is about RM200 (for this book) up to RM300 or more depend to the paper quality and customize design requested by the client. Normally, this book is included in the photographing wedding services packages. i also take some layout design order with or without printing services from photographer who want to present their photos in form of album book layout compare to the old style photo paper printed album.

the designing of the layout took me nearly 2 months to do and printing and binding is less than 3 days. a good photo will not be perfect without a good way of presentation. a good presentation need a good design in its layout fills with each self uniqueness with a concept that represent the wedded couple itself.

printing ironically is the main concern for the client where most of the time put on the designing. client can accept an adequate design but not an adequate printing quality. you can have a good art work standing along side of Picasso and van Gogh but your reputation will plunge down if the printing quality not as what they wishes. printing process should be the least thing to be worried, but only few places have the credibility to satisfying the needs and requirement of the designer to have their artwork presented in a high quality environment.

most of the designers tend to sent their artwork printed overseas such as japan, australia or even united states. some does sent it to printing company in which offers a good bargain but less space for the designer to present and expand it creativity level where its rare to see a good album layout artwork around. we need to have the know how on the process of printing making book instead just having the know how and expertise of just taking photo or designing. by knowing that, we can create a high quality presentation in adequate cost and avoiding unnessesary cost that most of the printing company is now taking avantages.

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One thought on “Forum Post: Wedding Album Book Layout.

  1. Hah.. now I know who I can ask to deal with my wedding album book next time.. that’s if you’re still into the business and I ever get married. LOL!

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