3 thoughts on “Wedding Photos: Veto and Abigail

  1. wah.. nice nice pictures oh..
    i like the car’s picture..

    and the bridesmaid with the 2 girls yg duduk 2 pun nice.. mcm environment dlm korean movie.. 🙂

    the church’s environment also nice oo.. mcm ‘orang putih’ punya khawin..

    jeff.. can i join u to org punya wedding next time? 😛 i ll be ur assistant hehe.. FOC punya, so i ll take ur picture during u busy taking others picture.. ^_^

  2. Kuai: boleh ba.. if you want to join. At the moment, my next wedding job is in sandakan. before hand there is someone asking but i think is not going to be me taking the photo. well, if got sure i will invite you thou i have to ask permission form the wed couple lar.. ^_^

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