Photo: Animal with 70-300mm zoom lens

I just bought a new 70-300mm lens. It’s not an expensive one but kind a cheaper version one. Thou, this is a good lens too. One just needs to know how to handle the lens with a steady hand. A risk that one wedding photographer need to watch out. One never wants to give a blur photo to the wedded couple.

This bird, never know what it called is kind of difficult to shot. So, to be able to snap the photo of this bird upside down is kind of unique thou not really interesting. I never yet figure out what is the best setting for taking a distance shot. I have to figure whether to set it on automatic setting or the manual setting. I just learn that using a manual setting on wedding not really help if one not read the photo display accurately.

One might saw some saturation on the photo. It was purposely like that to fix the noise in the photo. I did some color enhancement on the photo due to the low light setting on evening.

This is the lizard on the wall. I always want to take a close up photo of this fella for a long time. The problem i don’t have an adequate zoom to really capture the texture of the skins. Now with an adequate zoom and with a help of good sb800 flash, it kind a good experience and satisfaction with almost a macro lens effect. I don’t think it is a good idea to use macro lens when trying to shot wall lizard because i will scared of your big size lens.

70-300mm lens is important when want to close up on an object at the long distance. Some wedding ceremonies in church don’t like distraction of a photographer standing so close to snap a shot. I will try to test more on this lens to get use to it. Maybe a single stand will be nice to hold on to the camera. But now, I’m low on budget now. Imagine when I spend on those expensive thousand ringgit lens.


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