Panorama: Tanjung Aru Beach Sunset & Crocker Range

I took this photo using 18-70mm lens vertically. The vertical look so wide and I cover most of the sky and earth in single shot. The hard part is the horizontal perspective. The beach panoramic shot look so dark because i want to match the exposure balance of the sun. One can saw some defect on left side of the panorama because i accidentally imported the RAW photo to 8 bit and realized it after 1 hour of painstaking merging both of the photos. My computer keeps reset when i accidentally give it a hard process and I have to do it all over again. I guess i need a whole new set of equipment of photo camera and high powerful business class desktop computer.

Please click the photo to see the bigger picture of this panorama. This photo was taken on top of kepayan hill somewhere near St Thomas Church Kepayan graveyard. Of course i am not trespass the graveyard just it was taken on the other side where lots of people exercise climbing up and going down on the stiff stair. I use a single 50mm lens so that there will not be distortion on the photo while merging. Indeed, it is easier to merge photo that was taken using a normal single lens such as 50mm lens. The problem is that more photo needed to taken and more time needed to merge those photos and match it. Automatic merging should be a convenience if they can even match each of the photos with one single photo reference or the photo before as reference.

To see the slide of all my panorama shot please click here.


3 thoughts on “Panorama: Tanjung Aru Beach Sunset & Crocker Range

  1. julian: jz an ordinary photo shop and i merge it manually. you can use photo stitch or photo merge if you want to merge it automatically.

    lynx01: oh.. thanks.. 😀

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