Photo: Lazy Kitten and the Bees

I took this lazy kitten today. He just lay lazy at there. His mother is not around. Maybe she went out to do something. I don’t think this kitten is waiting for her mom to hunt back some food. He just needs to ask around for food.

This kitten unofficially claim my home his place. Not that he aware, one day a male big cat will chase him off. I think he need to be so ready in his fighting art rather than laying lazy and waiting for his mom. My home is just like a fighting ring. Every now and then they settle out their territorial dispute at my home. I did take some photo of this event until one day they become camera shy.

I just randomly call these insect bees. Maybe the actual name is not bee. Maybe it is some other names. Someone can correct me on that. I took some bees again after the last shot. The different with this is that i use manual setting and two flashes. Two external flashes make good high speed photography. I use 70-300mm zoom lens and a steady hand with shutter speed 1/250 – 1/500 with aperture f4.5 – f8. I don’t know if this one is taken with two external flashes.

This photo is the luckiest one i took. Too bad it is not clear. I had to photo shop it to sharpen it and do the color correction. I’m not using fresh sets of batteries; I think the flash under fire a little bit. You can see a bee was hovering before making an attempt to land on the branches.

4 thoughts on “Photo: Lazy Kitten and the Bees

  1. sure! i would like to take some dog shot blend with owner. both will have a good chemistry and will make a good portrait collection ^_^

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