Photo: Dog, Dog and Dogs

I was looking back some of my old photo and found few photos of a dog. Most of the shot taken at my home. Most of girls like dog. I don’t know why but they sure get excited when looking at a dog photos and don’t mention the real one. From cute puppy dog to fierce Doberman and rotwiller.

This one was taken last year with a video digital camera that i hardly use.

They are best buddies.

The dog was thinking what am i doing and where he can bite me.

Beauty, my friend’s bitch.. yes literary.

He got the kick out of it chasing or being chased by only kancil and yes, he remember the brand.

He got the balls or not? No i don’t think so…

For a bigger slide show, please click here.


3 thoughts on “Photo: Dog, Dog and Dogs

  1. Yay…. dogs!! Do you know I’m like Paul (Saul) when it comes to liking dogs? I totally didn’t like dogs before. I was changed 180 degrees in a blink of the eye. Dogs are so cute. Esp the dogs at home.. Shoobie and Heigou. hehehehehe

  2. It seems that shoobie and heigou give you a light of happiness in your life.

    p/s: i’m waiting for you pet and owner photo session.. lol ^____^

  3. Not only to my life, also to my entire family’s life.. hehehe. Well, sometimes they frustrate us too, but generally make us happy. Wait til I can afford to pay you for the photo-taking session. Hehehe.. rajin earn money now. 😛

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