Photo: Warisan Square’s Christmas Decoration

My friend just bought a new digital semi professional camera. It is Canon G9 and she waited for almost two month for this gadget because it worth to wait. With an extra underwater casing, she intend to use it for her diving activities.

I would like to write how good this camera for point is and shoot range but this youtube video review do a better job explaining than me. I stumble upon jacQ blog post about her and wei chuen having Japanese lunch with her friends. She mentioned about the Christmas decoration on progress in Warisan Square and i feel that i should take some photo too because i took some night test shot at there before. So, on the Friday night, i ask my friend whether she want to join me on my photographing activities and at the same time give her a chance to get use to the camera setting and its powerful function features.

Upon arrival at Warisan Square, i took out my gear and starting to click on the Christmas tree. I aware people starting to do the same thing taken out their gear no matter professional or not. I just realized that i forgot to bring a tripod and flash gun, but i don’t think it is a big problem as long the light is good and in close proximity for my built in flash. This is not the case when taking a photo shot outside.

I was looking a different way to present the Christmas decoration. So, i decided to start using my 50mm f1.8 lens to get a good depth of field effect and focus on one item that presenting a meaning of Christmas spirits.

I wish i have two digital slr camera. I keep changing lenses between the 50mm f1.8 and 18-70mm lens to get the desired shot.

Then Josie come and say hi to me. I don’t even aware she is there. Maybe she also doesn’t too, but i think my camera flashes distract her peaceful dinner with her sister and her about to kick my butt when she realized that was me. haha.. No, actually she is so nice to come and say hi and ask me to post the photo out for her to see. I unaware snapped her photo as she pointed to me that one of the subjects is her. Lucky her.. Photo above with two ladies, one cream and red color shirt. She is the cream color shirt one.

I think i better know how to use the DSlr compare to the last time i come. I make sure the entire mistake i did in previous shot fixed and not repeated. I watch out for the ISO setting around 400 – 800 and the composition of the subject to be clear and 2/3 rules being followed. It is interesting to know that every feature built in to the semi professional and professional camera have its own important function in photography technique.

Photo below have a strong depth of field that focus on the third far red ball. It looks like a planet going to be align. We have planet big red, medium gold and small red with the far wall ceiling fan planet. The back blur view of the restaurant and the table suppose to be the backdrop.

Christmas trees without the star on top.

If you all can see that, who ever built the sign lamp forgot to stick the ‘e’s and they ended up spelled ‘coff’.

The snowflakes with wall of strawberries print out. I don’t know with others, but i kind of like this photo but the extra string messed it up a bit.

Two gold bells and two blue stars. I took it outside at the coffee beanโ€™s shop.

I tried to create a good depth of field photo but it not look interesting enough. My focus pointed at the Christmas banner.

I have problem on getting a wide shot on the 50mm lens, so i change back again to 18-70mm lens. The problem with outside light is the street light is so yellow. It is out colored the green tree, blue light and white cream wall. The automatic white balance did not fixed the problem, so i set it to tungsten mode to compensate the warm yellow view. Now, i have problem in setting and finding a good compensation exposure. I have to take more than 4 shot to get the right exposure. Sometimes i lost of what to do when every shots taken was dark. At the end, i found out that one need to think a lot and always look back and remembering on the camera setting before moving to a new location and taking a different photo.

The color is well distributed except the yellow flood from the street light.

Left side.

Right side.

I was supposed to test my 70-300mm zoom lens on this next shot if not because of the little rains dripping and it going late. I need to sent my friend back because she have nothing to do. Her camera batteries gave up on her and she forgot to bring the second extra along.

I don’t know why the elf was used for decoration. This elf lady looks so simple and cheap. It like she making some whispering gesture and i don’t know what the meaning of it. Maybe whoever designed it just cut and pasted it randomly.

On the way back to the car i saw the Warisan Square logo on the glass. I took some close up shot and realized the security guard was looking at me sort I want to plan a heist.

Second close up with the Christmas tree on the back.

Wait for the second sets of Warisan Square’s Christmas Decoration photos. I haven’t take it yet..


10 thoughts on “Photo: Warisan Square’s Christmas Decoration

  1. to be honest, i’m not as professional as you might think. i saw many more 10 times fold more better than me and thats why i always make improvement to my technique and skills. one need to improves as being a full timer in taking photo and video.

    please don’t be jealous, you can also be good in taking photo. just need an internet, time, money, hard work, and lots of creativity to be able to reach competitive level. i still so far behind and everyone has its own specialties.

    ps – thanks for spent time looking at my blog. ^_^

  2. Maybe ‘cos I absolutely have no skills and know nothing, so any professional-looking photos looks terrific to me. Hehhe.. I am interested to learn but don’t understand those jargons.

  3. cantikkkkkk!.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    mcm excited mau sambut christmas oo bila tingu ni gambar ko suma..

    Jeff.. i ll be ur model for ur next photo testing with those Christmas stuff la.. hehehe, but i cant promise la, this Saturday also cant confirm.. mcm mau balik kampung.. or maybe weekdays on nextweek before sa tarabang p KL.. tapi must with ZI.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Marry Christmas in advance!..

  4. kalo teda zi namau la tuh.. haha.. bawa la cousin ko kalao mau :D.. nda payah promise and confirm la.. kalao ko mo, sia ambik gambar sijak. kalao masih pikir2 means nda confident lagi. tunggu sampai ko rasa confident la di depan saya atau camera.

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