Photo: Sabah F2000 World Cup Powerboat Race Day 1

This is not a coverage post of the event, it just only a random snap shot from me of the event. I went to the Powerboat Race and took some photo of the boats and people. I saw many people with their digital point and shoot and professional waited patiently at the beach and banks for a nice view of the race.

Lots of police and soldier are guarding the event. Maybe they afraid some people will use this event to take advantages for the personal purpose, but i think it hardly will happen.

Big corporate company such as DIGI has really pushing its publicity on this event. They’re giving out so many goodies to the locals and illegal. Even there are some people wearing some strange costume to attract the people.

Most of the people waited for hours before and went home and missed out the qualification time test. I pointed out my 70-300mm lens and shot only this boat. I was told that we can pay an amount of money to ride in one of this race boat.

Red boat take passengers who want to experience the speed boat.

A bird, rescue boat and speed boat in a frame. I realized that the bird floating in a circle and back in a pattern. Then, the moment comes when three of them crossing path and i point my lens and take the shot.

People standing at the edge point hoping to get a closer and better view. I think this part if a VIP section. The TV station is standing by too to get the best coverage on that day.

Jollence and John

I met Jollece, John and Cede setting up their big lens to shoot the speed boat. I was given a chance to snap some multi frame shot of the fast moving boat and it feel so good. I don’t think i need the big 600mm lens more than Jollece needed it because i just want to limit my scope to wedding and close up subject shot. What i need badly is a full set portable lighting system to take portraits and it is where the money comes.

I took some children shot at the sea side.

and some at the carnival.

I like this photo because it is a lucky shot. With my 50mm 1.8 lens, i managed to snap this him jumping happily and at the precise moment a freeze floating image of his happiness. There will not be any photo on the day 2 as I’m not planning to go to the event. I think I won’t be able to wake up early to go there and wrestling with lots of people in a hot or maybe raining day. For more information, just Google the event and you will find it.


6 thoughts on “Photo: Sabah F2000 World Cup Powerboat Race Day 1

  1. *looking at lance’s camera. great shot jeff..*rofl u couldn’t believe how i got my digi balloon XD btw, that’s my fav shot…very refreshing XD

    the soldier shot is kinda funny heheh

  2. maslight: ya.. digi is using all it take to promote their product. i was worried to take some shot of police and soldier because they might think i using their images for something bad.

    jollence: ya, its cede’s one. This piece of lens not cheap to buy.

  3. i think i look at it oso i become scared, coz it’s so big. *Rofl XD ahh dat’s the reason why i’m scared to take ppl’s photo XD

  4. oh… i arrive at 2.30 pm and went back at 5.30. just to take some photo of the powerboat and people. yeah.. jollence told me that he saw you. too bad ah.. didn’t see you too.

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