Kota Kinabalu Gaya Christmas Carnival

Gaya Christmas Carnival was held for three day started from 19 – 21 December. I went to the first day on the 19th to take some photos. My first impression over the carnival was different. I couldn’t sense the Christmas spirits except over the stage performance with people singing some choir and worship songs. The decoration look so commercialized and not a hint what Christmas is it. Yes, it is about Jesus.

The strange thing was that the carnival was look more like Chinese New Year rather than Christmas itself. I guess the government rules and regulation hinder us to put Christian icons and symbols to the decoration. It quite disappointed when Christmas look like a shopping and discount season to lure people to spent more money.

I saw Joyblee over there and he was involved in the performance. If he tells me earlier i can snap him as my photo subject rather than blindly and wildly looking for subject to snap. Guess what, he is a freaking loaded. Look at him flashing his money with people around looking at him.

Then, i went on to the market place and found out most of the stall selling stuff that no one want to buy or willing to spent upon on. On the other side, i managed to snap a photo of pretty girls that request me snap their photo but never thought of asking for me the photo later.

I planned to went home after going to the market place but i stumble again with Joyblee and as usual we chat little bit more because his brother is taking some photo of some event that I’m not even know. Joyblee told me that they’re putting the baby Jesus on the stable while being watch by the three wise man as a symbolic gesture of opening the Gaya Christmas Carnival. I took some photos only after the event and not many people. At last, something about Jesus among all the insignificant ridiculous decoration for this events.

Joyblee again told me that later they will showing the puppet show. I knew that Josie like this puppet show and too bad that she missed it. So, i took some photos of this puppets show for her to see. The puppets show is the same one performed at the Sutera Harbor Carol by Candle Light events.

I always think that three MC talking in three different languages is a bad idea. It make them look like the three stooges.

One policeman and two policewomen that can be easily out run by illegal bandits puff and huff when something bad happen not really a convincing and relieve environment.


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