Photo: Rasa Ria Shangri-La Resort Beach

I drove for the first time all the way to Rasa Ria Resort with my friend as a guide. Unfortunately, upon arrival to the resort, a security guard prohibited me and my friend to enter the beach estate and to take any photo. I plan to take some portrait test shot at there but have a second thought of doing it at there. I might try to go to Karambunai and see what interesting there. If not, i guess that i will have to go to more photographer friendly resort for a change.

For you information, i didn’t take any shot of the resort because i don’t want any of the management email me and complaining. I took few photos but these three are the most interested and worth to touch up.


5 thoughts on “Photo: Rasa Ria Shangri-La Resort Beach

  1. they just don’t allow me to take photo in the resort estate and can take photos at outside. i guess it is only for guest ler..

  2. hey Jef,

    i think i understand your feelings that time, as a photogapher pun bulih faham ba,.. what the heck… maybe next time you could make some deal with the management, bring your portfolio, offer them some good photos… let them know you=)

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