Brief Inspiration

I got myself a brief inspiration and it flames out like the fire on the match.

Update: Now here are the culprit of the darkness today.

Article on JPG Mag website entries

It was evening, suddenly the light went off. I waited for hours and night started to appeared. The sudden went off was caused by some culprits stealing steels from the high voltage electrical tower. One died and two injured while installing the new emergency tower.

I was bored and uninspired. I took fewer photos and suddenly i got an idea. I wasted a box of match and try catching a perfect flame and so i did. This is the only one that made pass to my filtering. With a bit of color touch up, I tweak a yellow flame to blue to make it look interesting.

Few days later, I find out one engineer died when the emergency tower collapsed. This flame is a remembrance of their heroic job. They just flew from far for a repair job that the local electrical company didn’t do, but the main culprit that steal the steel for cheap money is still out there without realizing that their act was an unforgiving sin

Talk Out Ma Mind: News Caption: Temporary TNB tower collapses killing one, injuring four.


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