Grace Point Food Court with Flory

It been long time I didn’t do any new post in this blog. The main reason for my lack of new photo is because I’m not inspired lately. What I mean was, I don’t have any idea where and what to photograph. Flory asks me when I will to do another portrait session with her and so I did.

We went to Grace Point Food Court to meet and i saw the view was fairly nice, we can take some photos. This few sets of photos were taken randomly because I was uninspired and was busy telling Flory some photography because she buying me a dinner. So, dinner and tips well exchanged at this point.

We went to the park looked for a nice thing to photograph and still uninspired but realized this is good place to take some landscape photo. Flory took some photo for herself and then I told her my opinion about what landscape photo should look like. I believe photographer need to read and knew some basic photography skills before offering their services to the market and charge money. This was not an option but a responsibility to the customers that paid for our services. Hobbyist photographer should also know some basic photography at some level. Taking photo randomly is fun but without some understanding about the rules basic of photography, the photo taken is just a lucky shot.

The park walk paths remind me to the yellow walk path to the city in Alice in Wonderland’s story. People running and walking at the path at the evening thou I think it will do harm than good because next to it is the main new coastal road. The traffic was high as it was evening and lots of cars traveling back home and even the airplane pass by this park and one can see how polluted this park was.

I only able to take few full body portraits shot on my camera. Other portraits were taken with Flory’s camera. Some portraits were ignored because I think it was not good. I was not thinking well that moment and I missed out some basic photography rules. These photos were heavily touched up with Photoshop because the original photo was heavily underexposed.

These are the different between using flash and without flash. The flash darken the ambiance and without flash shown the ambiance. I did one portrait to black and white to give it a monotonous and emptiness mood to the subject.


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