Photo Journal: Pesta Kaamatan 2008 at KDCA

Kaamatan Festival is the most important festival celebrated in Sabah. I don’t really want to explain what is Kaamatan because if one can go online read this blog, he/she can click this link on wikipedia and read it him/herself. I was in KDCA from 29-31 March exactly three days taking photos at the festival. I went to the festival two years ago on 2006 after bought my new DSLR.

The first two days was spent taking photos with Flory. She has to be there for her projects on the local culture and use her new D40x. I don’t expect to be inspired and to be able to take some good photos. I brought along my kit lens 18-70mm, 50mm f.18 and zoom 70-300mm. I use the kit lens for most of the photos because of the flexibility to zoom on the subject and wide angle on the scene. I plan to take something different compare to photos i took on Kaamatan Festival 2006. I decided to be specific on the photos and focused more on portrait on the local with costume dress.

I plan to use the normal 50mm f1.8 to capture portrait, but decide to use the kit lens because i want to take some scene as well. I wish I have two DSLR, one on 50mm and one at 18-70mm so that many varieties of angle and shot can be taken.

Datuk Pairin Kitingan attended the preparation of the festival and was greeted by the committee member, photo journalist and armature/hobbyist photographer. I myself snap few photos of Datuk Pairin last two years and this year i tried to avoid getting in the crowd so I can take some good personal portrait.

When people gather in an event such as Kaamatan Festival, one can see lots of faces such as old and young, happy and sad, intrigue and unique. Group portrait that included more than three people gave a very different feeling to the photo. One can see each different facial expression one by one in the photo and this will give a very interesting blend of emotion to the viewer.

Kids always know how to pose for portrait. With their innocent and naive look, it always an interesting moment comes out from them. They know how nothing about life problem because they don’t have to endure the hard emotion yet.

Traditional dance was the main attraction on the festival. Many people and tourist went to the Kaamatan to see the traditional dance from the local native. Dancer girl was the main attraction where the people can look at them at best with the beautiful costume attire. Some tourist tried out the traditional dance and enjoyed it.

KDCA compound contain the replica of all the traditional houses in Sabah. It was preserved by the committee as a landmark and tourist attraction beside the monsopiad village. This is where most of the local activities that consisted the local native community.

Musical instrument was played and displayed during the day. Many or variety of instrument played along the dancers. Dancer dance along with the instrument and create a festive mood to all the people especially to the tourist.

For bigger slide show, please click the link here.


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