Sabah Museum Culture Park

I don’t really remembered what is the name of this park but I guess it would be called a Culture Park because lots of traditional and old house was built in it. I went to Sabah Museum with my friend for a visit and photography. We intend to go to Monsopiad Village but I found out the entrance fee cost about RM45 scamming to the local and whopping RM85 to the tourist. I don’t know with other people, but i feel like being cheated because it shouldn’t be at that price to the local even to the tourist because the cost of maintenances for this sort of park should be cheap if right strategies and promotion being applied. I will write more about this issue on talkoutmamind blog later, at this moment, i just want to show off my few photos that was taken during the visit.

I took lots of photos on this trip but i only managed to spot some few good photos that i personally find it worth to share. We didn’t take any photos inside the museum due to the rules that not allowed any photo taken inside the museum. So, the photography activities only happened after the museum and on the culture park. I realized that it is a mistake to wear something dark in the forest or bush because it will attracted lots of mosquitoes and the feeling being followed by hundreds of tiny mosquitoes not nice although the risk of getting malaria or dengue on this place is low.

I saw only few tourist visited the museum and non go down to the park to look at the traditional house. I managed to take some visitors walking on the hanging bridge. I shoot close up shot with my kit lens and the composition with the people on the hanging bridge give some idea that the bridge is narrow and not pretty balance.

With the few tiny mosquitoes still following me, i managed to take some landscape shot of the houses. This is some of the outer display that normally found on the actual traditional village. I don’t really know the details of this display as I’m too busy looking for a good perspective composition and at the same time giving some few pointer to my friend about photography. I guess i should do a thoroughly research before writing this blog.

When i was inside the traditional house, I found out that the mosquito disappeared. I guess it is the leaves that make the mosquitoes disappear. Again, i think i should investigate what ingredient or chemical that was involved in the building of this traditional house and one day we can avoid using artificial chemical spray in future.

There is some basic daily equipment displayed inside the house. I didn’t spend much time on each of the houses because it is a bit quiet. Again, I guess beside without the traditional dance, I guess the visit to museum far better than giving RM45 per person at Monsopiad Village.


One thought on “Sabah Museum Culture Park

  1. 2 years ago, the ticket was about RM30 for local. I don’t know they had increased the price so much. That price includes cultural show. If you say you only want to “jalan2 saja” and don’t want to watch any show, the price will be a lot cheaper. I tried that option before.

    😀 oh jalan2 saja technique? interesting..

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