Hotel Perkasa Mount Kinabalu Resort at evening

Travel out to the highland not really my cup of tea. Every time i travel long distance up to the highland such as the area of Ranau and Kundasang, i feel sick. Maybe it caused by my unable to tolerate the are pressure change that called mountain sickness. Nevertheless, I joined in with my friend to Kundasang because he wants to take some good landscape on the Mount Kinabalu. Mountain Kinabalu is the poster boy for the state of Sabah and Malaysia because of its beautiful landscape and mountain climbing. Many photo shot was taken on the mountain and I thought what other thing I can photograph there beside the nice view of the mountain

We reach at our hotel about evening driving for less than 2 hours even with the average speed. I didn’t feel mountain sickness that day because of the slow pressure change and plus the car not move furiously and fast. My previous long distance car travel was fast and dangerous that normally not a comfortable journey. Upon reaching our hotel, the first thing we check out is the scenery. First we were put in a hotel room on the 5th floor but the view was not pretty good because of the high pine tree blocking the view. The requested for another room and quickly we was transferred to 8th floor. Again we thought to change to 9th floor but the pine tree was so tall it blocked the lower part of the valley. Then, both of us decided to survey around to find and decided which place to take the morning shot before make any further changes.

We went to the park area that has few empty chalet ways up to the hill. The chalet was on construction and no guest staying on that day. The weather was not really looking good with lots of cloud and a little bit breeze of rain.

At the highest point of the chalet room no 13, we decided this is the best place for the tomorrow mountain morning shot. It is the highest chalet that builds facing at the mountain. I was wondering why there is no path walk on the side so to give more room for the guest to experience the view better.

Nothing much we can photograph when it started to get dark. I turn and snapped for photos of the furniture, chalet house and some interesting view of the resort. I find this resort have a full potential and good facilities. I find out the main problem is the stay in this hotel are quite expensive. That why i find it is quite deserted when we reached here.

We retreated back to the hotel and taking our dinner. The rain started to pour and I started to wonder what we going to see at tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Hotel Perkasa Mount Kinabalu Resort at evening

  1. hey… what a fantastic scenery. oneof my favourites place in the world. all of you should come, see and experience the real nature of the earth…

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