Sun Rise at Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort

We’re waking up early to catch the first light of the sun. Thank god that the sky is clear and the sun is perfect. The day still dim with little ambiance at the back as sort it telling us the grand view is coming. We walk fast to the top chalet at the hill side to get some good view to photograph.

I like the clear sky with the clear silhouette line of the mountain. I almost felt like looking at the climbers on the top sitting on the hard rock, looking at the sun rise and taking some good photo.

When the sun started to shines, it gave a golden ray to the mountain. The first ray was definitely an awesome feeling as you looking at the changing view of the sun slowly like reading a best written novel. A feeling of wanted it to freeze in time and at the same time wondering what is happening next.

Finally, the moment that I’m was waiting for since yesterday and my friend for months.

This photo was taken with three takes panning from left to right. I use the photo shop photo merge to merge it to make it as one. The mountain was so huge that the 18-70mm wide lens not wide enough to capture it in one take unless I use a 12-24mm lens or a full frame dslr body camera.

The mountain look so good but I want to give it a different taste. I use the pine tree and branches and chalet to give a depth sense to it. We took lots of photos to experimental but the most important is to be able to capture the ray that shines over the valley and some light and shadow at the bottom of the mountain.

At last, the sun appeared majestically and the heat was so intense. It really makes the photography harder as the camera sensor got confused between to adjust the exposure on the sun or the nearer trees in front. I don’t want to use the flash sync because i want to create the silhouette feeling especially at this perfect day.

Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort known as Perkasa Hotel is the best place to take a good landscape photos of Mountain Kinabalu. I personally don’t think we got the best photo of that day because to pine tree grown so high that it hard to get a 360 degree of nice view of the scenery. So, we had to choose and decide on one place to capture the photo.

Lots of interesting object is around at the resort. One interesting thing I spotted it the lamp over the hanging bridge. I got dizzy walking on the bridge when it rocking. My fear of heights really overwhelming to me and it become sort of reminder why I’m not planning to climb the mountain yet.

Here are the other spot for good view of the mountain. We decided not to go with this mountain because the tree so high and we just able to have less than 45 degree of the view and at the same time, the observation platform was closed too.

After few hours outside taking some photograph of the mountain and surrounding, we went to eat breakfast and went to our room to travel back to town. The clouds started appear and we took some few last shot of the mountain. The cloud gave some extra detail to the plain mountain. It look nice with a few cloud but I personally don’t prefer it if i can choose.

The resort was on top of the hill. I was thinking of really talking to the management of the hotel will allow me to take some 360 degree panorama of good clear sun rise or sun set view of the surrounding of the park in future.


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