2008 Sabah Dragon Boat Race: The People

I went to the 2007 Sabah Dragon Boat Race to shoot some photo for my personal collection. I went with Patracia as she also wants to snap some few photos. My post was not a full coverage of the event but my own interpretation of my photography experience during the event. Please click Dragon Boat and Pesta Dragon Boat 2008 for more information about this event.

Every time when a big event happened, lots of people gathered around to see it. It was a good opportunity for me to practice my photography skills on the people and the event. I really like to take a good photo of the dragon boat but the area was isolated by a wire wall and exclusively only for press and invited VIPs. I was not both of them so, I ended up staying outside. Nevertheless, there are more interested subject and object for a good photo shot.

I like to take photograph journalistic way. It present the real condition on the surrounding in which differed from the conventional photo taking. This technique exist very long time ago and not new to photography except for weddings.

Doing a photo shot randomly on people randomly is a risky thing. Some of them might not like theirs photo taken. Luckily, most of them just gave you the look of dislike compared to violence act like snatching the camera or threaten at the photographer. I was in a very friendly community where being taken photo by photographer is a good thing rather than a bad taboo.

The State Mosque and Menara Tun Mustapa previously known as Yayasan Foundation Building turn out to be a very good background subject. I tried to improvise the use of the background subject to give idea on the location and the surrounding during the events. It was purely a trial and error for me.

At last, I took photos of the restricted area. Lots of interesting potential for photography subject as a representation of the event.

There will be another selection of Dragon Boat Race. I will post it when it done.


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