The Shade Reflection

I saw lots of photo taken on the reflection of the shades. I never did that kind of shot until opportunity comes where Patracia suddenly bought herself a new shade for herself. The brand new dark shades really brought up those mirror effect and at the same time the skies and beaches was so colorful and bright.

The skies were blue and the cloud was white. The day was hot and it started to get hotter. People started to sit under the tree to cool down. I looked at the sky and saw one interesting cloud that gave meaning that rain going to come.

As the second round of the dragon boat started to race, i feel something shades us while we overlook the race. The sun was shining so bright that I didn’t look at the cloud. I looked at Patracia’s shades and it was perfect. The shades reflection of a cloud shades the sun.

What chances of anyone getting sort of this shot again. I said this was my lucky day with a lucky shot.


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