At work office

I planned for long time for a photo shot at my friend’s work place. I got the chances unplanned due supposed to take some photos at other places. Upon there i test by taking some photos with the camera and was not expected they’re a bit camera shy.

Every time when a new hand phone model comes out, they will try to get familiarized with the product and make it as presentable as possible.

Titi is the new staff at the office. I don’t really know if it too much to said that he got the factors to be a model for photo shot no matter artistically or commercially. A fashion junkies that look good on any shirt and pants. He reminded me someone that I knew.

Liza, who is a camera shy work in the office for many years and the longest service record. I took many photos of her but only few worth to be edited and published.

Courier man who takes courier packages from the office and i believe enjoys his work with his satisfying smiles every time when come to the office.

Albert is one of two technicians that work at the office.


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