Happy Day: Karamusing Fly Over

After the previous Happy Day photos, Patracia was inspired to do a one day series of photo shot. I think that was a good idea because it has been long time I didn’t seriously take out my camera and take some people portrait. I wasn’t sure it going to happen because some of them busy with their work and others.

The Happy Day series photo shot begun in a very awkwardly. That is the day before. We (Patracia, Bobbie, Titi, Zi and me) watched a late night movie and I actually decided that we take an early morning photo series at the new Karamusing fly over road. It was quite a last minutes decision and i doubted it going to be happening.

After the movie, we went back and nearly at 5 am, i fetch up Zi and Titi and we went to the fly over at karamusing. It was fresh, cool and clear morning. Pat and Bobbie come a bit late and we only able to take the very few nice street light at the empty road.

The road was nice and clear and we managed to get only some new honk from the early morning driver and few good pose portrait. I didn’t have my portrait in this series supposed to have 4 person of the original Happy Day post and plus all the photo of me didn’t turn out nice.

Next, we proceed to the open space under the fly over. It was a very big space. I feel like being in KL while walking along the big fly over. It reminded me a big fly over near Malaya University that full with flyover highway, city and urban structures.

Under the flyover, Titi and Patracia pose to let us take some photos. It was fun as both of them look so comfortable being taking photo. We managed to take some nice posing portrait.

I tried to capture some movement shot with Patracia and just only able to get this two photos right.

Most of the photo was taken candid unless i suggested otherwise. I also managed to take some portrait of Zi too.

And last, some few interesting photo before we move to other second location.


12 thoughts on “Happy Day: Karamusing Fly Over

  1. Nice shots, and very daring of you all to choose flyover as the shooting location. But since the traffic is lesser in the morning, it is worth giving it a shot. Good try.

  2. thanks! it was not really at the middle of the road. it between the divider but thou also a bit dangerous. that why i choose to do the photo shot at the early morning where the light is good, cool and not much car. πŸ˜€

  3. nice plan ka jeff? len kali we make a plan lagi.. looking forward for next Meeting.. or need some postmortem for our last shooting? maybe for some inspiration..*winkwink*

    macam sa mau ambil gambar yang we in the middle of the road’s ‘island’ with cars moving kiri kanan.. look more adventurous and difference..

    and.. I lover every shot of the picture.. yang paling penting, everyone r so sporting and next time need more rest! hahahaha…

    dan lagi.. sa sukaaaa camera c zi yang buli tangkap stars on the street light!

  4. massy: thanks!

    kuai: ya ba.. pat. ikut plan ko sijak.. hehe

    zi punya camera yang best dia ringan, dapat sangkut ama tripod, jadi night shot yang best. camera sia berat, sia teda tripod yang bagus, sangkut nanti jatuh.

    kalo bintang2 tuh mo set tuh aperture ba. sinang tuh. πŸ˜€

    ps – more photos to come. hold tight you seat!

  5. apa… kamurang ? wakakkaa

    Titi punya Lomo cam mo sampai sudah ohh!!! Hahaha… Tap dia bilang inda buli touch cam dia ohh 😦

    Uiks.. Sa mo kedekut camera sa ni…

    bah.. Okie jak… Sa mo keep fit ni.. supaya santik d gambar … wakakkakaka

  6. Jeff! Good work!
    Some are nice and some are great! Haha, after a long time not seeing your artwork, hehehe nice πŸ˜‰
    Keep up the good work, and good luck!

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