Happy Day: Sutera Harbour

Everyone was tired because we not getting any good sleep after watching a late night movie until 2am. At noon, we’re so exhausted and planning for a place to sleep and went back to my place. I didn’t get any good sleep because of the distraction from time to time. Well after that, we woke up refresh and went to my usual place at Sutera Harbour Marina to take some photos. The sun shines bright and it look nice. I managed to took some good portrait of Patracia and Titi.

We stopped at the Magellan Resort and took some photo of the group and portrait. Everyone was posing like a famous artist but we all knew that was not true. Nevertheless, it was better than some other photos i saw in the internet.

I had to give credits to Patracia and Titi because they really look so natural in front the lens. I watched Master in Photography in National Geographic Channel and i realized that the best portrait photo is being able to capture the real personality of the person. I doubted that i done that in this photo series but all pose and emotion was not directed by me and i just press the button on my camera.

The sun set was nice, i managed to took some good group portrait. They’re looking at one sun set wedding in progress. I don’t really care looking at any wedding so, i took some shot of them instead.

Then we move up to the marina walk. The sun look nice and i want to take portrait shot and again Titi was my portrait subject. I has to walk further to the rock to get a perfect angle of light.

Now, the sun light was behind me. This photo was among the best i took on that day.

The sun set was not as nice as i seen last time, thou i good enough for me to take some good portrait. I has to depend to my external flash to compensate the sun ray that turn up the shutter speed. This technique was widely use by wedding photographer to make the photo look more interesting. It is not hard to get but one need to have a right equipment to do so.

Close up portrait with Patracia and Zi

Titi with his last pose before i call it a day.

Patracia with some some pose directed by me last minutes.

Bobbie with his charming pose.

Last, group portrait before we called it a day.


8 thoughts on “Happy Day: Sutera Harbour

  1. love it love it love it jeff!!!!!!! can’t wait for another project although it’s extremely tiring… hahahahahaha by the way, my name spelt bobbe not bobbie… hehehehe you’re forgiven… i love all of em’… hehehehe

  2. Yo jeff… nice work.. now i can see your work.. so smooth and artistic. Who’s the girl in the picture?? your girlfriend ehh?? i’m now in Kota Marudu jungle.. my celcom cannot enter the YM damn..

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