Panorama: Melohom Bay Gaya Island

Patracia invited me to join her friends to the Gaya Island at Melohom Bay during our friend’s wedding. I don’t know where is this place and she told me it only beside the Gayana Resort. I knew where is Gayana Resort but never heard of Melohom Bay before. I’m not really an outdoor people, but it is an interesting offer and an opportunity for me to take some good panorama photo and brushing up my photography skills at beach. I took some few vertical and horizontal photo to be able to create a panoramic using the photoshop photo merge function. Photoshop CS3 photo merge function really did a good stitch compare to CS2.

The jetty and beach really look nice after the photo merge and a little bit adjustment on the color and level editing.


3 thoughts on “Panorama: Melohom Bay Gaya Island

  1. I found out earlier than the post it seems XD

    I just checked my reader. Anyways, I’m sticking to shot no. 2 eventhough shot no. 1 is beyond me @_@

    *thumbs for the shots

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