Portrait: Melohom Bay Trip

Other that taking some Melohom Bay’s panorama landscape photo, i took few portrait shot of portraits. My subject are Patracia, her cousins Kisi and Lydia and Lydia’s fiance and colleague Jim. I don’t have many thing to photography during my first time to this place. Normally, i need to get use to a location before any inspiration come in.

Jim has a tanned skin due to his work in the island. His relax face gave a very definite expression on how life is easy working in the island.

Patracia’s close up portrait.

Lydia and her fiance.

Jim and Kisi and Lydia’s fiance.

Kisi and her rice pot. She really like the pot.

At last, Melohom Bay trip subject’s portrait.


6 thoughts on “Portrait: Melohom Bay Trip

  1. I visited your website through jpgmag.com, and these island shots are just beautiful.
    How did you do the verticle panorama?

    Was all this done on a trip to Sabah?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.


  2. the vertical panorama was done at the same way as horizontal panorama. you just need to figure out how to do it in vertical way without getting yourself confused.

    the photos was taken at melohom bay gaya island, 5 minutes boat ride from kota kinabalu jetty. it not well know as tiga, sapi and manukan but more beautiful.

    lots of island around kota kinabalu town. it just like one stop place to few island travel trip scuba or diving. my friend did diving in mabul and sipadan. you can click link below for more details


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