JPG Feature Story: Kinabalu Mountain: A Landscape Photography Subject.

Kinabalu Mountain is the highest mountain in Malaysia and the fourth tallest in South East Asia region. It is located in the Island of Borneo in Sabah, the northern part of the island. The peak measured 13,435 ft above sea level. The mountain surrounding full with flora and fauna and the one most visited tourist spot in Malaysia.

Wikipedia describe Kinabalu Mountain a huge granite dome (batholith) that was pushed up from the earth’s crust as molten rock millions of years ago. In geological terms, it is a very young mountain as the granite cooled and hardened only about 10 million years ago. It is still pushing up at the rate of 5 mm per annum. During the Pleistocene Period of about 100,000 years ago, the massive mountain was covered by huge sheets of ice and glaciers which flowed down its slopes, scouring its surface in the process and creating the 1800 m deep Low’s Gully (named after Hugh Low) on its North side. Its granite composition and the glacial formative processes are readily apparent when viewing its craggy rocky peaks.

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