Frisbee Match at Tg Aru

My friend phone me last minutes and ask me if i want to go for photography tag with him at Tanjung Aru beach to take some sunset. I got nothing to do at home and went there almost instantly. Upon arrival, i the sunset is about to be over and some people playing Frisbee match. I saw Julian and Edgar playing and they managed to say hi to me. The sun was settling down and i managed to snap one panorama before the day dim to darkness.

The light was so low with only a street yellow spot light lite the match that played till dim night. It was a bad condition to take any photo. All the photos turn out to be bad and only 4 passed my worth to edit line.


7 thoughts on “Frisbee Match at Tg Aru

  1. jefferi~!

    i’ll show some guys this link.. thank u! and the game called “ultimate frisbee”, by the way. or “ultimate” as they call it now.

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