Portrait: Pat @ All About Kuai Part 3

This is the last post for this series. I decided to put photo of Patracia and Zi in this last part. Both Zi and Kuai already got very comfortable with taking photo and being photo taken by now. I have some few photos with Pat and Zi but i prefer to put only photo taken during the time. I like to take portrait 2 person or friends in a session. The reason is to being able to capture the natural emotion and interaction between them. The other reason is to make sure the subject won’t look nervous with strangers especially the photographer itself. Even both feel unnatural with themselves; each other can give support to each other and make the photographer job easier.

Some solo portraits photo with Zi.


12 thoughts on “Portrait: Pat @ All About Kuai Part 3

  1. penjahat sa ni… sa jadi jahat pasal terlampau banyak tinguk SOUTH PARK tu .. ko kasih salah tu SOUTH PARK sijak lah … hehehe… *Laughing ebily*

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