Tugu Pahlawan Sabah: The forgotten Monument

Among all the war monument in Kota Kinabalu, Tugu Pahlawan is the least known. It was abandoned previously for unknown reason and there is no information or whether it was ever used in any military remembrance ceremony.


The monument dedicated for the state warrior, so rarely known even among the local is located inside a park known Taman Ujana Rimba Tropika or Rainforest Park, beside the State Library and State Archive and can be reached through Jalan Penampang a moment after the city Queen Elizabeth Hospital and State Museum.


The monument look nice with various trees planted around it but it is a bit run down due to lack of maintenance and repair due to the weather element and vandalism where the official Sabah plague is missing.


Not much information about who design the monument such as when it was build,  the concept behind the design. Interestingly, layout of the park is well planned and design and it is an interesting place for a perspective photography.


The pool give a nice reflection to the monument and at the right location you can even capture two of them in a single frame or two.


The half cylindrical arch shape of the monument give a very abstract and modern art feeling where to suggested is the only type in the world, after attempt to search familiar design found nothing as close as it.


It is unknown whether the forest theme is part of the original overall design but as far as people remembered, the monument is standing alone for many years until the trees and plant come and take hold the overall landscape.


Today, this place no longer abandoned space, but a center of activities for sports and leisure. It is sad that such interesting monument, is not getting its deserved attention.


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