HDR: Sabah State Mosque


HDR Comparison: Photoshop HDR and Photomatix

+2/-2 3 different exposure bracketing

+1/-1 3 different exposure bracketing

Two 3 brackets exposure photos was process using two different HDR. Left was process fully using adobe photoshop with light and shadow and color touch up and right with photomatix tone mapping with simple auto level. Photomatix produce a surreal effect photo with less headache with its tone mapping function in a button click meanwhile photoshop HDR function create a more natural effect photo with lots of layer effect and light and shadow adjustment to make it more enhance and better. This might not be a fair comparison because each software have multiple function and effect preset that take time to experiment.

Comparison: HDR and RAW

The photo on the left was created using 3 different exposure and on the right touched up by photo shop with RAW photo. By comparison, it look like photo taken using RAW look better than 3 different exposure HDR photo technique. HDR suppose to look better theoretically because the mix of three different exposure create a wider range of light and shadow in the photo to touch up in photo shop. Must be something wrong with the process or the exposure setting.

HDR: KK International Airport

I got this long urge to test out HDR using the bracketing setting from the camera. I admit that this is not a perfect interesting HDR compare to available in the internet. The only problem i find in is the photo look too saturated color. Must be the cloudy condition that make the sky look like a soft box effect. I just need to find out what the problem is and do more experimental shot and photo touch up.

The photo was touch up and color corrected. The default will not look nice. I didn’t write how to do HDR because most of the information available in there internet and for you all to search it. This HDR look so normal as taken one shot photos but in reality, it hard to be able to cover a dark and light area in a single shot even with a high bit dslr. With a multiple exposure shot, a wider range of dynamic exposure is possible and at the same time with low end dslr camera.

1/6000 -2

1/400 —

1/100 +2

I just want to point out that most of the camera setting in the DSLR meant to be so useful in getting some effect without ever heavily applying the photo shop effect layers. For example, with bracket and right exposure setting to the camera and continuous 3 fps shutte capture, one no need to use a troublesome useful static tripod. Thou, one have to make sure the light is good enough before taking a free hand photo and if in low light, the troublesome but useful tripod is necessary.