Major repair of the Atkinson Clock Tower

On year 2012, the Sabah State Government via Sabah State Museum decided that it is time for the more than 100 years old Atkinson Memorial Clock Tower is due for repair work.


The last known repair work was done in 2007, but it is not as extensive as the one on 2012. Among the work are the wood frame replacement, roof facade and overall new paint job.


The 111 years old clock tower which survive an Alliance Force bombing during the WW2 also has been the companion of the 50 years old Kota Kinabalu Police Station.


The task to fix the 50ft clock tower not an easy task as special contractors need to understand the tower properly climb up to the roof to inspect the wood and roof in order to replace them.


The carpenter who work on the repair work on the clock tower are Akhili, Alam, Majid and Abdullah. They have work as museum contractors around 10 years and has been involved in past small repair of the clock tower in 2002 and 2007.


Today, the clock tower still look brand new 4 years after the major repair work. It is hope that the government decide to protect and preserved the historical clock tower as a heritage area with no more huge building at it surrounding.

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