Tanjung Aru Train Workshop Warehouses

Tanjung Aru train station workshop played very important role to ensure all the trains in working condition so that the goods can be properly transported.


The warehouse houses few old trains and coaches for maintenance workshop and storage were empty and run down for many years.


The huge warehouses served as a testimonial for the old rail era where it used to be abuzz with mechanics fixing the trains.


One of the warehouse housed an old unused 1955 Vulcan Foundry 2-6-3 Steam Locomotive series number No 6-014.


There are some newer trains parked at the workshop for maintenance at the other warehouse.


Two different era warehouse, the left believed was built earlier served as the main workshop and the right built later as a storage facilities.



Today, the warehouse is no more there and all workshop operation has been moved to a new site at Kinarut.

Open burning at abandoned dry paddy field

It is surreal to able to see an huge open burning with a huge high tension power tower in the background.


The burn struck on an empty paddy field that was abandoned due to months of dry spell along the old Penampang to Papar road.


The smoke was not the problem to the new Pan Borneo highway contractors and the lorry drivers spot drove into the smoke with no regard of their safety and health.


At other spot, the burn seem pretty close to the high tension electrical tower and it is not sure whether there are risk, hazard or interrupt to the power supply delivery.


It was told, the fire started when someone irresponsibly burn a rubbish. Then the fire spread so fast toward the abandoned paddy field. The fireman spotted just monitoring the spread with some attempt to contain the fire locally.


It is amazing to see how the fireman control and isolating the fire burning with their safety uniform in such condition. The dry heat sure really make it harder for them to stop the fire as the water vaporized so quickly.


Few days after these photos was taken, rain gradually started pouring and the long dry spell officially ended when the monsoon wind bring back the cloud to this part of the state.



A picture is worth a thousand words

Nothing is more effective and strong in communication and information transferring than a picture or a photo, that will spark various emotion and interpretation within the observers perspective and comprehension.

Stranded rubbish at Likas Bay 

A picture or photos is a tool where anyone can use for their own purpose in their own self intention or bigger purpose in their direction and goal regardless it is for good or bad intention.


Compare to words, the intensity of the information are greater and with a smart phone size of display, anyone with or without proper education can understand or relate to the graphical information and create more emotional respond such as happiness, sadness, anger, laughter, etc.

Jannie and Anne, the Lasimbang sisters leading the community

Historically, there are many photos or picture that change the world especially those that published in the mass media such as the newspaper, video reel and now the internet. Many powerful regime has been brought down just by a simple image that unlike the old days, cannot be ignored or contained as they please.

Wong Tack and SM Muthu looking at the swamp destruction at Telaga, Pitas

That is why, a good picture is not dictated by experienced and equipment of the person but the ability to be aware and prepared for its surrounding and the ability to predict and be ahead in few seconds of any events or incident.

The police are holding their line, against the BERSIH 4 from marching into the city area

But, that is not enough because some of the best picture depicted in a very simple and subtle way where it is unexpected by the person who created it until time catch up with the information as it was intended to be.

The Atkinson Memorial Clock Tower


Rest In Peace…

I just found out the cat that used to be my subject of my cat portrait died hit by a car. I feel a bit sad because the cat mother also become subject of my cat portrait. I started to took some portrait of the young cat and it really inspired me somehow. Now the cat almost fully grown up and i think he used up all his nine life.

You died so young, may you rest in peace cat.

2008 Sabah Dragon Boat Race: The Boat

Indeed, Dragon Boat Racing always about racing a boat with dragon head. I didn’t take many boats racing boat because the distance so far but i managed to take some of shot that project the excitement during the race.

The morning was clear and ideal for photo shot. Thou it was long time since i use the zoom lens and I find it a bit hard to get use with it. It was not known to be when i took the photo that I found out the shallow depth of field a bit too much. I only got sharp focus on small field and the front and backfield was a bit too blur.

It was very interesting to be able to capture many subjects in a single shot. The first photo was taken in an exactly good timing where four boats create for layer intersect together in almost a single line. I expected the intersection and took as much as photo and i selected a well intersected to be edited and posted up.

A big ship exactly stood at the horizon gave a very interesting background. It gave some information to the viewer about the location of this event and that is near the port. I don’t really know why this particular ship docked so far from the actual port but as the time i edited the photo, i found out this ship it a LNG (Light Natural Gas) ship tanker. I believed it was docked far away due to the safety reason on the event.

Few selected and well connected photographer and video person managed to get a boat ride and took a close-up shot of the race. The boat was strolling up and down at the circuit lane without any clue where the best location is. I guess the photographers just let the boatman strolled as he like without any advice on where the best place to take a nice shot. I also found out the best and good looking boat at the event was the rescue boat.

Empty boat that was not used floating near the beach side. I believe it was acted as a backup boat if something happen to the dragon boat race.

Contestant was rowing the boat to the starting point. I was made to believe some of the boat was reused and not own by the group. Anyway, I was managed to took some photo at the isolated parameter but because it look cloudy, we only stop for a while

At last, the dragon boat head that look the same. It really convince me that the boat was reused and most of the contested group doesn’t have their own boat.